Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Summary: Theory for Beginners"

After reading "Summary: Theory for Beginners", I must say that I enjoyed author, Michael Ryan's piece of how he views the word through his eyes. I will say that many times I would read over some parts of the piece and find myself saying "I have never thought of that." Let me continue to say that I agree with many of the things Ryan wrote and I also disagree with some of his views. Not to say I dont understand where he is coming from with his thoughts.

A few things I agree with would be the way he describes the world revolving around media and believing a lot of what we hear. In America, I would say that the majority of our population when they hear the word "terrorism", they affiliate it with Middle Eastern people such as Islams and Muslims. Which there are terrorist in the Middle East, but does that mean that everyone from the Middle East is a bad person? Or do they get thrown into a stereotypical pot with the terrorist that perform acts of terror? I would like to add that there are also terrorist all over the world in my opinion of how you define the word terrorist. Acts of "terror" take place everyday inside the barriers of our own United States in my opinion. Everyday Americans kill Americans, so whats to not make those violent Americans terrorist also?

One thing I disagree with Mr. Ryan about is his take of society as a pyrmid and that those at the bottom stay at the bottom. He says that "prisoners paid the price for crimes against there country because the were born into a low class of poverty." My outlook on this is that everyone has rules and guidelines that they have to abide by whether they like them or not, if we didnt the world would be an awful place. Just because a person is born into poverty or a low income class doesnt mean that their fate is set because of where they were born. If that were the case then their fate was set long before they were even born by others. Which in my mind is never the case, in my mind the case is that any man or woman can change his/her fate by their mindset of how bad they want whatever they are seeking to achieve. Which for most people I believe that we are seeking success, but success shouldnt be defined by others around you or even the world. Success should be defined by yourself, it is the satisfaction of finding achievment in what you have accomplished in life. I will say that some may have to work much harder to achieve success than others, but it is never not obtainable.

All and all I enjoyed Micheal Ryan's "Summary; Theory for Beginners"